ODI's History, Basic Goals and/or Purpose

ODI Services is an Internal Revenue Services (IRS) registered nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization with the sole purpose to initiate programs and services including literacy instruction to adults that missed out on basic education and are unable to cope with economic changes including pursuing further education, job advancement, computerized job search and technological know-how.

ODI Services began operations in April 2014 - running an extensive operation hours from 9:00AM to 9:00PM weekdays - it's tailored to meet the Mayor's Commission on Literacy standards serving the Philadelphia area for K-12 school dropouts, immigrants and ex-convicts returning to society.

Individuals who enroll in ODI Services program will be expected to read and write in English, prepare for GED, becomes computer literate and possibly own a computer for the first time in their life. Individuals with monthly earning below the state approved poverty level are the primary target population and beneficiaries of ODI Services.

ODI Services is seeking grants and supports from private and public companies, Local, State, and Federal institutions, and from other organization to support its purpose and mission to the community.

The prime purpose of this grant is to provide a cooling facility for the students and voluntary staffs and computers installations at the current ODI location.